My name is Jordan Eisen and other than running a sports page, I'm a high school student. I've lived in St. Louis, MO all my life, which means, by default, I was raised as a Cardinals fan. My fandom started young and has grown to become this blog and podcast.

Football took a lot longer for me to latch on to since the Rams were unpleasant to watch. I never really understood the appeal but in 2013, when the Ravens were in the Super Bowl, I joined the bandwagon and have stuck with them ever since.

My interest in both sports has strengthened over time so when I was assigned to create a blog in school, it was a no brainer that it'd be about sports. The assignment was only to create three posts, but I loved doing it so much that I ran with it.

Now here I am: having interviewed some of the biggest names in the fantasy sports industry and I'm nothing but thankful for this opportunity to write and talk for you.